Alexandra Cogels

Alexandra Cogels, Spotlight Europe
Alexandra – Author at Spotlight Europe

Alexandra (17) participated at the “My Europe” workshop in Brussels in February 2015 and impressed the jury of the writing contest with her innovative story. She is a student of the Collège Saint-Michel in Brussels. The young European is very creative and therefore she does not want a job in the future where her thoughts and creativity will be restrained. Rather she is eager to find a profession that stimulates her and fuels her curiousity.

In her free time Alexandra likes reading, playing football and tennis. She loves to travel and get to know new people.

For me, Europe is…

“Europe’s history, its vast cultural diversity and its ongoing activity makes it a remarkably exciting continent to live in. But also, Europe is a place where I feel safe. A place that makes me believe in democracy and education.”

Dr. Verena Metze-Mangold

Dr. Verena Metze-Mangold, Spotlight Europe
Dr. Verena Metze-Mangold (Original Picture by UNESCO)

Dr. Verena Metze-Mangold is President of the German Commission for UNESCO. She studied political sciences, sociology and history. Mrs. Metze-Mangold worked as a journalist for the Hessian broadcasting station HR from and managed the public relations department. At the time of the German reunification she held the position of press speaker of the chairman of the German television channel ARD.

Dr. Verena Metze-Mangold is member of the UNESCO Commission since 1982 and became its President in October 2014. She is also a member of the German institute for external relations (ifa) and its scientific advisory board.



Bastien Adriaens

Bastien Adriaens, Spotlight Europe
Bastien – Author at Spotlight Europe

Bastien (17) participated at the “My Europe” workshop in Brussels, Belgium, in February 2015. He goes to Collège Saint-Michel in Brussels and impressed the jury of the writing contest with his future vision for Europe 2030.

In his free time Bastien likes to read, to play soccer or to walk. He is also interested in history.

For me, Europe is…

“…a necessity to counteract the decreasing power of the small European States, to eradicate war in our countries and to impose democracy in Europe.”


Robin Blomgren

Robin Blomgren, Spotlight Europe
Robin – Author at Spotlight Europe

Robin participated at the “My Europe” workshop in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2015. He goes to Bromma Gymnasium and plays football. The sport is his big passion: Robin has about 10 football related activities per week! Besides taking a professional career as player into consideration he would love to work in the business and trade branch – maybe as a Social Marketing specialist?

In his spare free time, Robin enjoys travelling and playing the piano. When asked about Europe, he thinks otimistically as he puts lots of faith into humanity.

For me, Europe is…

“…the welcoming house of the multicultural, where traveling from one place to another means still feeling like home.”


Seán Lynch

Seán Lynch, Spotlight Europe
Seán – Author at Spotlight Europe

Seán (17) participated at the “My Europe” workshop in Dublin in October 2014. He is a student at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Dublin. He already has been to the European Parliament in Strasbourg twice and participated in mock debates and plenary sessions with young people from all across Europe.

Probably Seán can tell you a lot about how discussions are being conducted in the European Council since he took part in a mock Council session at Dublin Castle. The debated topics were Renewable Energy and the Environment.

Ana Catarina De Almeida

Ana Catarina Almeida, Spotlight Europe
Ana Catarina – Author at Spotlight Europe

Ana Catarina (17) participated in the “My Europe” workshop in Lison in November 2014. She is a science student at Escola Secundária Rainha Dona Leonor in Lisbon and her favourite subject is Biology. In the future Ana would like to become a doctor and participate in worldwide missions.

Her hobbies match her professional vision: Ana likes to travel and to explore new cultures and find out about different life stories. Photography, art, long walks and reading also belong to her interests.

For me, Europe is…

“…a dynamic and multicultural project that goes beyond geographic frontiers and political ideas: it moves hearts and consciousness; it connects people from different backgrounds by encouraging the sense of belonging.”