Miguel Carrilho Ribeiro

Miguel Ribeiro, Spotlight Europe

Miguel (18) participated in the “My Europe” Workshop in Lisbon in 2014. He is a student at Liceu Rainha Dona Amélia and is interested in history, philosophy and biology. Miguel’s dream job is working as a volunteer doctor in developing countries.

For me, Europe is…

“… free, tolerant and open to all.”

 If you could, what would be the first thing you would change in Europe?

“Hard question.

On the topic of the EU itself, I would propose streamlining Union bodies, especially in the legislative and executive branch. People are not aware of how these organizations work, and do not feel they have much say. Very little of what happens filters back home.

As such, I would propose a more transparent political system. A good start would be tying each European MP to a set electoral circle, much like American Representatives. This system would put in place a recognizable advocate for a district’s interests in the European Parliament, and foster greater involvement in the European process. There is much more to be done, but still, an important step.”


Lectrr, Spotlight Europe
Lectrr – Author at Spotlight Europe

Lectrr is a Belgian cartoonist and currently works for De Standaard-newspaper. His cartoons have been nominated several times for the Press Cartoon Belgium. Thanks to translations into German, Afrikaans, English, Norwegian and Turkish he and his characteristic figures have reached a broad public.

You can find Lectrr and some of his cartoons online at: www.lectrr.be

For me, Europe is…

“…a  small step in the direction of a united and universal mankind.”

Melissa Haurdic

Melissa Haurdic, Spotlight Europe
Melissa – Author at Spotlight Europe

Melissa participated at the “My Europe” workshop in Stockholm in November 2014. She goes to the ESS-gymnasiet. She likes to do sports and living healthy. For her it is also important to express her thoughts in a free manner – so she is interested in writing. Melissa can imagine to become an author one day.

For me, Europe is…

“… a chance to expand our knowledge and to create a bond with other cultures and people. The good thing is that we also can create beautiful memories that we keep for our lives. I have thousands of them.”

Alexandre De Cannière

Alexandre De Cannière, Spotlight Europe

Alexandre is a student at the Collège Saint-Michel in Brussels and participated in our Belgian workshop in February 2015. He enjoys studying maths and Latin. In his free time however Alexandre likes to play the piano and tennis.

For his future he believes that maths will help him more than Latin to start his career.

For me, Europe is…

“…the only way for small countries as we are to be able to play a role at a political and an economical point of view against bigger and more powerful nations to defend our values. Nowadays more than ever, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’.”


Tomas Algarvio De Abreu Rocha

Tomas Rocha, Spotlight Europe
Tomas – Author at Spotlight Europe

Tomas (17) participated at our “My Europe” workshop in Brussels in February 2015. He is a student at Collège Saint-Michel.

In his free time he plays football, watches series (Arrow, The Walking Dead…), listens to music (electro, dubstep…) and informs himself about neurosciences. Next year Tomas is going to study medicine!

For me, Europe is…

“…democracy, tolerance and freedom. It embraces modernity without forgetting its moral background.”



Dr. Graeme Murdock

Graeme Murdock, Spotlight Europe
Graeme Murdock – Author at Spotlight Europe

Dr. Graeme Murdock is  Associate Professor of Modern History and Director of the Centre for European Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a B.A. in 1990 and a PhD in 1996. Before coming to the Trinity College Dublin, he held a position at the University of Birmingham. His main research interests are the cultural history of religion, the history of European Reformation and the history of France, Hungary and Transylvania.

Please find more information about him on his official website.