Spotlight Europe is the official blog of the “My Europe” network and a place for all young Europeans to share and discuss ideas about the future of Europe. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow and should start dealing with their own expectations for the Europe of the future. This blog encourages dialogue between all young people in Europe as well as experts from politics, media, academia and business.

At Spotlight Europe, everybody’s opinion counts. What do you like about Europe? What would you like to change? What worries you and what would you do differently if it was up to you? Discuss with other young people and experts from all areas of society and from across the continent, laugh and cry, learn exciting new things and then learn some more. All of this is what Spotlight Europe wants to be – and it needs YOU to make it happen.

Join the discussion, become an author,

share your ideas and be part of the future!

After all, it is your future as well!


Are you between 15 and 25 years old and want to contribute to Spotlight Europe? Send an email to blog@my-europe.org and share your idea with us! Sign up to our newsletter here!

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About “My Europe”

The “My Europe” Initiative is a pan-European youth project, aimed at fostering awareness, curiosity, critical thinking, and above all, a sense of community and collective responsibility among Europe’s youth around a common future.  It consists of a unique series of workshops for students aged 15 to 20 all across Europe, bringing them together with politicians, academics, business representatives and journalists, forming a network spanning the entire continent and all sectors of society. The most talented and committed students of these workshops are appointed to the Youth Council for the Future (YCF), a democratic forum that encourages participation of young Europeans in shaping the future of Europe.