These are the basic rules for all discussions on Spotlight Europe. Please read them and take them seriously!


  • Stay on topic. Don’t post irrelevant links, comments, thoughts or pictures.
  • Before posting your question to the discussion, check if anyone has asked it already and received a reply.
  • Be kind. Opinions differ and they should! Feel free to express your points of view and respect the opinions of others. If you feel the need to disagree, do so respectfully and acknowledge the valid points in your counterpart’s argument. If you reply to a question, make sure your answer is accurate!
  • Do not use slander. Insults of any kind will not be tolerated, neither among participants of the discussion nor towards anybody or any group of people else. We enforce a zero tolerance policy on this particular issue.
  • Don’t write anything that sounds angry or sarcastic, even as a joke.  Without hearing your tone of voice, others might not realize you’re joking.
  • Check the most recent comments before you reply to an older comment.
  • Be forgiving. If somebody makes a mistake, don’t badger him or her for it. Point out the mistake and why it is wrong and then try to move on.
  • Please only leave comments in English. It is not fair if people are excluded from the discussion. We understand that not everybody is fully fluent and might struggle with grammar and spelling at times. That is no problem as long as your post remains readable. Try your best though!