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OneEurope is an independent, citizen-run European media, which publishes new articles, videos and images on a daily basis, made by hundreds of Europeans from all parts of the continent.

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Europe&Me is an online lifestyle magazine created by young Europeans for young Europeans. Its motto is to “make Europe personal”, because Europe is often only identified with politics and bureaucracy. The magazine was founded in September 2007 and first published in July 2008.  Since then, the team has been writing about every possible “Europe” – the Europe of young graduate students, the Europe of Chernobyl survivers, the Europe of the European Commission, the Europe of immigrants and the Europe of ex-pats, producing a new issue every three months. The E&M blog Sixth Sense brings the magazine’s transnational approach to current affairs. As well as live reporting from exciting events around Europe, Sixth Sense has regular columns covering a range of topics from political debates to the latest European films.

Their website can be found here. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.


Generation YGeneration_Y_logo

In a fast paced, ever changing world, innovative ideas, confidence and mobility are key to treading a successful path. In a series of unique reports Generation Y, a programme from international news channel Euronews, meets young people from all over Europe to share their stories and visions for the future. Alongside the TV programme that is produced in 13 languages Generation Y has developed a blog to give you the opportunity to make your voice heard on the issues that matter most.

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Science for WorkScience for Work

Evidence based management is the practice of making managerial decisions with the use of the best possible evidences and with the support of scientific research. is a website created by European students of work, organizational and personnel psychology to connect the world of professionals with the most updated and reliable scientific results about management of people. Our mission is to  translate academic findings in catchy, plain and fast to read articles to give all the value of scientific research in less than 1000 words.

You can find their website here.


European Sting logoThe European Sting

The European Sting is the new online, Brussels based, European media that was born to bring a different critical and truly independent angle to European News and Affairs. The Sting is giving every day the fierce fight for a better and stronger European Union through constructive criticism and unique insights. We treat daily in a unique way European Politics, Economics, Foreign Affairs, Business and ICT Agenda.

You can find their website here.