A Strong Europe Is Needed Now

Prof. Manfred Pohl, Spotlight Europe
Europe needs to be stronger to master the crisis, writes Prof. Pohl. (Remix by Spotlight Europe)

One crisis seems to succeed another nowadays. At the moment there is on the one hand the European financial crisis which has hit not only Greece and there is the political crisis in Crimea, Eastern Ukraine on the other hand. Looking globally there are wars and terror in every part of the world: The “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram in Nigeria or the Houthi rebels in Yemen to name a few.

The trouble spots of this world demand for a strong Europe. Because of this, Europe should evolve as quickly as possible in political as well as economic and military terms. This means specifically that Europe needs to become a political union – either as a union of states or a federal state in the example of the United States of America. In this regard further discussion will be necessary.

A swift solution to the European debt crisis has to be developed that deals not only with Greece alone but equally encompasses all countries of the Union.

Finally a European army needs to be set up that is strong enough to play a crucial role in NATO – together with other Western countries (e.g. USA). In the long term Europe strongly needs a bundling of forces in order to be not only heard but also taken seriously in the world.

Europe’s evolution has to be realized quickly so that future generations will know in which Europe they will live in some day.

About the author:

MP1Prof. Dr. Manfred Pohl is the Founder and Chairman of Frankfurter Zukunftsrat, the think tank that organises “My Europe”. more…