“He is one of us.” (2/2)

Two Bavarian musicians standing at a lake, Spotlight Europe
“He is one of us!” Why not present European TV spots in which every regional culture is introduced? (Flickr:Anna/licensed under CC BY 2.0)

In the first part the author described his experiences during his professional sports career, namely that sports has the strength to unite people. This common spirit should be transfered to Europe so that people see themselves as Europeans. The second part deals with what can be done to achieve that spirit.

Can we not initiate a series of spots for Europe? In each spot presenting a person from any of our countries with a typical regional theme in the image, joyfully stating the testimonial: …”And here in Europe – I am at home.” Or: …. “And here in Europe – I feel at home”.

We all learn at school that Europe is a unique continent of rich cultures. This is true but it´s a remote, intellectual statement. Would it not be more convincing if we would raise more awareness and emotions for this incredible historical achievement, grown over 2.000 years, amongst the 500 million? Should the EU then start a series of ads in the media in all our countries, with the following content? :

Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, El Greco, Moliere, (and many more, each nation has contributed with geniuses)

….they are all: “one of us”. Us as Europeans.

“Let us build up the biggest family in the world.”

When, during this year, a German astronaut has been living and working in the International Space Ship for months and currently an Italian astronaut (a lady) accomplishes the same, all 500 million Europeans should be proud since both astronauts are: “he/she is one of us.”

Surrounding the globe, in addition to telling us how wonderful the World looks from space, could our European astronauts not also mention how wonderful it is to see our Europe?

(This is also a European mission and these astronauts are Europeans.)

“He is one of us” is obviously causing a feeling of family to all of us. Let us build up the biggest family in the world: 500 million Europeans. It will take much time – but it can become reality.

Finally for today:

We could invite, say 100 children from all our nations, wearing traditional, regional costumes, to stand in front or inside the European Parliament on the first day of a new term. Imagine the emotional, touching, colourful image, creating a strong emotional feeling and pride in all European countries, with all people.

It seems to me to be a promising plan that we in “MyEurope” propose the idea of the same lyrics to at last be written for the European Anthem (composer Ludwig van Beethoven) in all our languages, speaking about our great values, our common Europe so that all 500 million can sing to the same tune.

We need to foster and bring Europe forward, beyond intellectual arguments as valuable as they are.

Europe is about emotions. Europe in our hearts.

About the author:

Jochen BenderJochen Bender is a passionate European. He has lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro, London and Germany. He is a developer of tourism and hotels. He travelled on business to almost sixty countries and spent a total of seven years in developing countries. More