Western norms and values

A few famous, populistic, politicians say we have to overthink our own Western Norms and Values and protect them first, instead of just taking everyone. Even though they see norms and values, which are normal to us, in another way. So, my question, what are these norms and values exactly?

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A Helping Hand for the Refugees

The closing of the Serbo-Hungarian border in October 2015 caused a massive influx of refugees seizing their last chance to make it into the European-Union through Hungary. Katharina* (54), housewife and mother of three children in Munich decided in October 2015 to go to the Serbo-Hungarian border to offer her help to the refugees.
She agreed to share her experience with us in this interview.

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Albania’s Integration into the EU (1/2)

Opportunities and Challenges

Since decades politicians talk about integrating Albania to the EU – yet nothing happened so far. Where´s the action that follows the words, wonders author Zoela Dimo. Is it all just theatre or is there a real perspective for Albania`s people? Read the first part of a two-part series.

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