Albania’s Integration into the EU (1/2)

Opportunities and Challenges

Since decades politicians talk about integrating Albania to the EU – yet nothing happened so far. Where´s the action that follows the words, wonders author Zoela Dimo. Is it all just theatre or is there a real perspective for Albania`s people? Read the first part of a two-part series.

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Why Shouldn`t Turkey Become a Member of the EU? (4/4)

Arguments from Turkey’s Perspective

If the lifestyle of Europe´s youth is corrupted, then Turkey should better not join. – In this last part of the Turkey-EU series the author puts forward arguments that speak against an accession of Turkey into the EU – now from the perspective of Turkey.

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How the EU Can Deal with Chaos on Its Borders

New Commissioner should strive to eliminate his own job

The planned ring of friends around the European Union has turned into a zone of chaos and uncertainty. In the new European Commission, policies for enlargement and neighbourhood policies fall under Austrian Commissioner Johannes Hahn. He faces an uphill struggle. Bereft of convincing incentives, Europe’s unique ‘neighbourhood policy’ can no longer promote its noble goals. […]

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