Everything seems impossible until it is done

As Nelson Mandela, one of the most famous politicians said “Everything seems impossible until it is done”, other problems and challenges could occur that we might face. Yet we, as human beings have responsibilities to protect the refugees. When properly managed, the refugees may have far-reaching potentials and their communities as well. And consequently they would serve as part of the society which contributes for the economic growth of the country, overcoming ethnic differences and winning the fight for position among other people.

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“I Still Have the Dream to Go Home One Day”

Stories of Immigration (3/3)

Karina and Biljana left their countries – Kosovo and Montenegro – in order to start a new peaceful life. After living more than a decade in Germany, both women still remember the bureaucratic obstacles, the fear of the first time and their inner wish to return one day.

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Unemployment in Switzerland

Third Part of the Unemployment Series

Youth unemployment is also an issue in Switzerland. Young people have difficulties finding an apprenticeship with a company because the offer is too small. Having a binary educational system, the Swiss government is in the urgent need to act.

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Italy: A Nation on Hold Losing Its Youth

Second Part of the Unemployment Series

Italy is loosing its youth. Confronted by low salaries and uncompetitive career options, young professionals are looking for jobs in other European countries. Time to reform our labour market, says Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Does this really come in time or is Italy facing a severe “brain drain”?

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